Thursday, August 14, 2014

2600 Midland Blvd Fort Smith AR

This Wal-Mart located in 2600 Midland Blvd In Fort Smith AR was one of the Wal-marts in Fort Smith AR. It had a Garden Center and a Pharmacy. This Walmart closed in 2007 correct me if i'm wrong and it was relocated to a Super Center at  2100 N 62nd St, Fort Smith, . It had the We sell for less slogan and the Satisfaction Guranteed. It was closed .The interior looks the same  I actually went to this Wal-mart before it closed and thats where I bought my Lightning McQueen 1 movie. The floor tiles were ripped out but the carpet remains where the clothes department used to be. There is also signage of the slogan letters on the wall intact on the oustide. The Store is now as A to Z Variety Store.

 Here is the interior of the Wal-mart you can see that the floor tiles were ripped out but the carpet and the signs are still there. Where the carpet is used to be the clothes department.. The carpet rolled roof top thingys are still there too and the signs for the restroom and the automatic doors are still there.
 Another screenshot of the interior right were the door is was the Pharmacy. The signs of the pharmacy doors are still there and I think thats were the medicine department and the Hair color department used to be here. On the left where a black door is was the entrance of the Garden Center its still there and the fence of the Garden Center is still there also.
 A picture of the exteior, You can tell that the signage of the letters that read We Sell For Less in blue letters.

More of the We Sell For Less slogan signage.
Here is a picture of the Walmart how it looked like before thanks to Bing Maps.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Microsoft Windows Codename Longhorn Build 3790.1232

This is the first build of Longhorn compiled after the development reset. Basically, it is Windows Server 2003 SP1 rebranded. There is no evidence that this is a "Longhorn" build except for references in the End-User License Agreement. It was described by Grabberslasher on his UX.Unleaked blog on May 2, 2008.
This build is not functionally a Longhorn build, but since it has the Longhorn EULA (End User License Agreement), it was still distributed as a Longhorn build, and was intended to be tested as such.
Microsoft has having numerous problems with the earlier Longhorn builds, including stability issues, memory leaks, and so on, and because of this, they decided to replace the current version of the underlying Windows Server 2003 codebase with a later version (Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, rather than Windows .NET Server 2003 Release Candidate). This build was forked from the same build of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, and still retained certain charactoristics from it, such as the Windows Server 2003 beta-related notice window that would appear upon logging on.
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